Sunday, January 2, 2011

American Dream Poem

American Dream:

Living the American Dream is not as simple as many are lead to believe.

Believe in what they see may not always be the truth.

You think about how the world strains education upon you as a key to life. Life holds keys with answers that may not be chosen.

Some people search their whole lives for a simple understanding of life.

So powerful they have become, leave yet thy fly.

In searching for the truth humans laid classification to separate men from man. Man has a mind thy child past has over rained.

Some children are brilliant to a point of sticking to the basics.

Thy flown in education is the essence of a brilliant man.

We as people become so smart yet we are so dumb.

Like computers a mind of a man wonders for thy presence of laziness.

The daily lives we live creates great amount of pressure on us that our own ignorance subjects our own stupidity.

The cycle of thy man's ignorance on omen has been created.

Mediocre things in life can taint our own mind and how smart we are.

Simplicity of a man creates thy chambers of loneness.

We live in a world were we make things simple to justify a life that we live.

If Thy chose not to understand; Thy shall not truly understand.

The world has come to a point where a piece of paper is the judgment of how great mind can be.

The educational system has created false hopes and under achievements, where you are educated on how much funds you can produce.

If education is the key, be let the rains for that key.

What is education?

Some people are not educated enough because of lack of funds.

They are educated in other places which means that man's built on education is not the only true form of an educated person.

The mind is built to learn so whom is to say that thy mind is not a learning mind. The world has become so distant that people educate on paychecks. "Social Promotion" is a huge concern in the low-income areas of the world.

Since they don't have what we call a "Corporate Education," then the general world will classify them as uneducated or illiterate.

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