Wednesday, December 15, 2010


The period of the flower child!!!
During the 1960 many babies from World War 2 were now young adults and teenagers. Hungry for stability and less violence, the generation began the time period with new expressions of art and the common motto of "Peace, love, and Happiness." This was the time of the hippies. These peace loving "Hippies" were also very well educated and spent time questioning the habits and political choices the government made and whether or not America should be involved in the current wars that were going on. Putting an end to the corruption in the government and living wholesome family filled lives. During this time many young adults decided to experience new experimental drugs, bringing on psychedelic art and and rebellion again conformity, restrictions based on social ideas, and basically any other rules they could go against. People wanted to take hold of their future and succeed in their pursuit of the peaceful and free American dream.

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